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Amelie Trott The Mask of Triandor

Amelie Trott and The Mark of Triandor

The long awaited sequel to Amelie Trott & The Earth Watchers is almost here!

There's still time to read the first in the series if you haven't done so already.
Amelie, Tim, and Isla are now all set for their next adventure:

'Amelie Trott and The Mark of Triandor...'

Introducing Amelie Trott and The Mark of Triandor

Following their success in rescuing Hadleigh House from the clutches of the villainous Bottomley-Slighs (not to mention averting a major planetary disaster), our three Bright Hearts – Amelie, Tim, and Isla – are set to embark on another urgent mission for their Friends from the Stars. 


With Elias Dankstone safely dispatched to Daktron (the furthest planet from the sun), things are really looking up for the Trotts. 


Lucy’s career as a portrait painter has finally taken off, Great-grandfather Storm, now ninety-five, prepares for his first solar-powered flight, and best friend Isla Batty leaves Washington and returns to London for a while. 


Meanwhile, Amelie (now a best-selling author), delves into the secret life of wild-child Aunt Eggy. 


As this unforgettable tale of danger, courage, and enduring love unfolds, further mysteries come to light and the past reveals a terrible crisis yet to come…

About Moyra Irving

Moyra is a writer, storyteller, and Creative Writing teacher who lives in Central England. 

Her writing career began with a collection of short stories, one of which led to the creation of The Extra Guest end-hunger charity which is partnered with Oxfam and SOS Children’s Villages. 

Moyra has also published two non-fiction books: ‘Take Me to the Mountain’ and ‘Fiery Love.’ 

However, it wasn’t until Amelie Trott came into her life that she discovered the unparalleled joy of writing for children. Moyra also loves cats, starry nights, days by the sea and, more than anything, writing stories for the child in us all. This is her debut children’s novel.

*All royalties from Amelie Trott & The Mark of Triandor, Amelie Trott & The Earth Watchers are dedicated to The Extra Guest end hunger charity. 


A Masterpiece! Amelie Trott & The Mark of Triandor had me laughing, crying, and holding my breath in equal measure — reading it cover-to-cover was a complete delight. No matter what your age, you will fall in love with this story and every single character. I particularly hope you’ll fall in love with Eglantyne as much as I have.

Amelie Trott

Reviews in the News

Why Amelie Trott is the most important book of the year...

A truly wonderful and inspirational piece of work. Beautifully written and so carefully and intricately put together, terrific characters and sometimes laugh out loud funny too! (“Jeremy Loudly said quietly!”) 

It would make a terrific film too methinks. Bravo!

Julian Middleton, Author

Amelie Trott - Out of this World

What a perfectly delightful book this is!

Beautifully written and immediately engaging, Amelie Trott and the Earth Watchers brims with magical moments and has all the elements of classic storytelling. Irving has penned a tale with broad appeal, enchanting youngsters and adults alike. I would like to see this highly relevant novel taken up by schools.

Isobel Blackthorn, Award-winning author of unique and engaging fiction

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All royalties from the sale of the Amelie Trott series: 

Amelie Trott & The Earth Watchers


Amelie Trott & The Mark of Triandor

Are paid to The Extra Guest Food for All Charity