Amelie Trott Book Review

Book Reviews: Amelie Trott & The Earth Watchers

Amelie Trott Book Review

This book is incredible once you start reading you cannot stop. Amelie is an amazing character, she is courageous and determined. I give this book 5 big stars.

Amelie May Walton (9 year old reader)

Stafford, UK

Amelie Trott

Amelie Trott and the Earth Watchers is one of those books that every teacher looks forward to. It’s such a difficult thing to engender a love of reading in a child who feels as though they have started life and education at a disadvantage. Books like yours reach children on so many levels that each child can find some way to connect and feel ‘dialed in.’ You have written a magnificent book which will help so many children feel magnificent themselves.

Your wonderful book has become one of my favorite places to visit. What a cherished gift to me and everyone who is lucky enough to read it.

 Kate McCall

Special Education Teacher 

Tennessee, USA


What we call “fantasy” often lives right at the edge of reality. Authors who write books for young people know this, and the best of them know how to write for young people of all ages. Moyra Irving is such an author. She knows how to create an engaging narrative grounded in reality, blended with the right amount of enchantment and the kind of unlikely surprises that nonetheless end up seeming inevitable. With well-drawn, likeable and believable characters and with a knowing eye for the foibles of human behavior, Irving has created a story that will keep the reader turning pages in anticipation of what’s to come. What emerges is a tale of danger, humor, sweetness and solace impressive in its execution and heartening in its gently voiced wisdom. As one gets to know Irving’s characters, one hopes that this absolutely charming first volume will lead to more. As it does, this overgrown teenager will be very pleased to go along for the ride.

Marc Gregory: Writer and English teacher 

Los Angeles, USA

Amelie Trott - Tim

This is an adorable, charming, refreshingly witty, and spookily prescient book.
I can’t remember being being so sad to reach the end of a story – but then, I am sure this can’t really be the end of the story, can it? I can’t wait for the sequel(s); nudge nudge!
The story is beautifully crafted, with language at once perfectly accessible but ambitious for the younger reader. I thought the language also had, perhaps, a subtle but very fetching ‘retro’ feel to it, which I really loved.
My only regret is that the author thoughtlessly didn’t give us this book about fifteen years ago – I would have loved to have been able to read it with my own kids – we’d have had such fun together.
Thank you Moyra Irving – but please don’t put down your pen!

Andrew Brown,

Birmingham, UK

Amelie Trott

A truly wonderful and inspirational piece of work. Beautifully written and so carefully and intricately put together, terrific characters and sometimes laugh out loud funny too! (“Jeremy Loudly said quietly!”) 

It would make a terrific film too methinks. Bravo!

Julian Middleton


Amelie Trott - Bookmark

Begone, Anne of Green Gables and Jane Eyre! A new heroine has stolen this reader’s heart: the plucky, irrepressible, syntax-mangling Amelie Trott. In her enchanting debut children’s novel, Moyra Irving has created a gem of a main character and set her in a wildly inventive setting. Irving keeps a lot of plates spinning plot wise, and triumphantly makes it to the end without a single crash. You’ll fall in love with Amelie, her brother and their new best friend Isla from the U.S., as they careen from (mis)adventure to (mis)adventure in a never-say-die attempt to save the planet. The heroes are heroic, the villains are villainy and the wit and humor are contagious. Would-be writer Amelie dreams of being a first-rate writer; Moyra Irving brilliantly shows how it’s done.

Burt Kempner, children’s author 

Florida, USA

Children in Charge

 This is truly both a book for our planet today and for its future. It can be read with pleasure and wonder by the young of mind and heart of any age. The writing is excellent, flowing with excitement, adventure, inspiration, imagination and hope. Care for the safe future of our planet shines out on every page, as does the triumph of good – no one is too small to make a difference. The book is highly recommended as a thoroughly good read and will be particularly appreciated for its main characters, who we instantly feel at one with.

Tony Pearce

Stafford UK

Moyra Irving

I can’t say enough to recommend this book – a beautiful, insightful and compelling story with characters who are definitely alive and inspiring.  The type of book you’ll want to read and feel you’ve gained as much as your children.  Love it!

Stephanie Moles

Belfast, N. Ireland

Amelie & Earth Watcher

It absolutely blew me away! I had to stay in bed and finish reading it! Couldn’t put it down! Last time I was that excited about a book was when I was younger and reading Enid Blyton Famous Five books…honestly…it kept me hooked all the way…absolutely loved it. Fabulous book for children and adults. This book will leave you in no doubt whatsoever that there are more advanced people around us, with advanced consciousness levels than us…a very fitting book for the current time in our planetary evolution. Thank you Moyra Irving for bringing such a fantastic book into our world.”

Ruth Balliu 

Amelie Trott & Friends

What a perfectly delightful book this is!

Beautifully written and immediately engaging, Amelie Trott and the Earth Watchers brims with magical moments and has all the elements of classic storytelling. Irving has penned a tale with broad appeal, enchanting youngsters and adults alike. I would like to see this highly relevant novel taken up by schools.

Isobel Blackthorn

Award-winning author of unique and engaging fiction

Amelie Trott Badge

I have tears in my eyes,an uplifted heart, and a love for Amelie Trott. You really have taken us on a wonderful journey. It’s a joyful book in every way. So glad you have brought these characters to life, so they can inspire us all. Allow yourself to be moved, uplifted and inspired by the real super hero Amelie Trott. With the power of her pen and her heart you can discover the unlimited possibilities of your dream. A book sure to spark your own message of hope for humanity.

Marilyn Lockett

Poet and artist – UK

Moyra Irving Greta Thunberg

Just finished this sensational book. Loved it! Was in tears with the children’s peace circle. Looking forward to the next one. It so needs to be a film. 

Ally Walker 

Derbyshire, UK