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Amelie Trott Book Cover
Amelie Trott & The Earth Watchers

Amelie Trott & The Earth Watchers now includes a download of TES Teaching Materials for the timely middle grade novel*.

Designed specifically to increase reading pleasure, the materials contain relevant Discussion Topics, Exercises, and Things to Create.

‘Amelie Trott & the Earth Watchers’, by Moyra Irving and published by Dixi Books:

Notes for students: The world is about to end. Join Amelie, Tim and Isla on the journey of a lifetime.

Discover exciting new worlds and experiences and create some of your own too!

Before you begin, have a small notebook handy for new words and phrases and their meanings.

Try to include these in your own writing whenever you can. And finally, why not create an Earth Watchers Exhibition of your artwork and writings for others to admire?

More than a great book to read, the teaching materials add extra depth, learning and understanding to all students.

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