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Moyra Irving – Author of Amelie Trott & The Earth Watchers

Pre-Covid Events:

School visits, book store and library launches, signings and book readings are of course currently on hold due to Covid-19 but this lovely review followed our recent visit to Our Lady’s Primary School in Fenton, Stoke on- Trent, Staffordshire… 

Keith Forrest (The Spiritual Fruitcake) delighted the children by singing his wonderful song ‘Show the World Who You Are’, assisted by John Crosbie on drums.

Huge thanks to Sharon O’Leary for her great help and fantastic feedback:

“This is a delightful children’s magical, adventure story where an ordinary girl achieves extraordinary things! 

With help from her friends, Amelie strives to save her family home and eventually Planet Earth!  Will she succeed? Let’s hope!

This book carries the topical theme of environmental protection.  Summed up in one of my favourite lines of the book,

‘Once you Lugans (Earthlings) learn to see one another as your selves will you cease to do harm, and then all the wonders of creation will be revealed to you!’ pp.119

Also contained within are many valuable moral messages including the value of honesty, overcoming self-doubt and the knowledge that you have the power to change the world no matter who you are!

I am looking forward to reading about Amelie’s next adventure.

A special thanks to the incredibly talented creative writer and all round lovely person Moyra Irving who very kindly visited Our Lady’s Catholic Academy in Fenton, Stoke on Trent on World Book Day 5th March 2020. 

The pupils and staff thoroughly enjoyed Moyra’s empowering, engaging & informative presentation of her new book & learning about her charity work.  Along with the most excellent storytelling, live musical accompaniment and Year 5 workshop, both the pupils and staff were truly inspired, excited and proud to have a local published author and her musician friends Keith Forrest & John Crosbie share their talents with us.”

Sharon O’Leary (BSc) Educational Associate

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