Moyra on World Unity Week

Introducing Amelie Trott & The Earth Watchers to a fantastic audience of like-minded beings!

World Unity Week Children’s Storytelling Hour with Moyra.

Moyra was delighted to part of a thought-provoking and informative week of unity. The opportunity to introduce Amelie Trott within the Children’s storytelling hour was simply unbelievable and the feedback has been – pardon the pun – out of this world.

Amelie Trott Children in Charge

Amelie Trott & Greta Thunberg – Children in Charge

With the timely actions of Greta Thunberg (Follow on Instagram & Twitter @gretathunberg Facebook #gretathunberg), the synchronicity with Amelie Trott was truly amazing.

Greta was staging a lone vigil outside the Swedish Parliament buildings at the same time that Amelie was In Parliament Square London – both on a mission to avert the End of the World.

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